Seizure Management

Tue, 01-16-2018 6:00 pm

Seizure Management:    

Seizure Recognition and First Aid explains what epilepsy is and describes the different types of seizures. Identifies the different seizure types and appropriate first aid. It also contains information on handling seizures that occur under special circumstances, such as in the water, in an airplane or on a bus.

For anyone who needs to manage seizures.

Certificate upon successful completion.

45 minutes $15/person


Basic First Aid

Wed, 01-17-2018 6:00 pm

Action in an emergency, finding out what is wrong, bleeding & shock, burn care, wounds, dressings, head & spine injuries, chest, abdominal & pelvis injuries, splinting, sudden illness, poisoning, bites & stings, heat & cold related emergencies, rescue & moving victims.

Target Audience: All audiences who need a First Aid class.

Two-year certification upon successful completion.


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