North Carolina Interventions Recertification Class (7)

A standardized training program to prevent the use of restraints and seclusion created by DMH/DD/SAS and used in all state facilities. Intervention techniques are taught to deal with agitated, aggressive and/or violent clients.

NCI Prevention– NCI Prevention will teach you how to recognize situations in which individuals may display physical aggression, and provide you with tools to help prevent escalation in their aggressive behavior. 80% on written test and class participation is required to pass.

NCI Core and Core Plus (NCI Prevention is a prerequisite.) NCI Core will teach you how to protect yourself if your client does display physical aggression towards you. This class focuses on blocking punches and releasing if the client grabs you, pulls hair, and chokes you. With NCI Core the goal is to not only protect yourself but to not escalate the situation or cause harm to the client.

Core Plus Plus teaches approved optional restraining physical techniques such as therapeutic holds, carries and techniques for special populations. 100% on demonstration test required to pass.

Target Audience: Anyone who works with populations with behavioral health issues.

Certification is valid for 1 year.

Prevention: Recertification class 1-2 hours $40/person.

Core: Recertification class additional 2-4 hours $50/person. Price includes Prevention cost.

Core Plus: Recertification additional 4-6 hours $65/person. Price includes Prevention and Core cost.

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Event Date Sat, 05-20-2017 9:00 am
Location Simpson's CPR Training Office
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